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Coyote Encounters - Coyotes have adapted to Colorado neighborhoods because our environments supports them. These animals have adapted to our presence and have lost their natural fear of us. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything – you can. Coyotes are quick learners and consistent negative experiences can teach them to avoid people.

Please call Centennial Animal Services at 303-325-8070 to report coyote observations, encounters or incidents.

South Suburban is assisting the Division of Wildlife with a Coyote Management Plan. To help track coyote activity, please report first-hand experience(s) with a coyote within the South Suburban boundaries. Please complete South Suburban's Coyote Interactions Report.

If you are approached by a coyote:

  • Be as BIG and LOUD as possible; use arm gestures to exaggerate your size and voice.
  • In a loud and forceful voice, command the coyote to go away.
  • Always keep your pet on a leash; collect small pets into your arms and keep large pets close to you.
  • Keep small children near you; do not let them run away.
  • Throw objects (not food) adjacent to the coyote.
  • Slowly move towards a busy, populated area. There is no need to run.
Here are two great documents provided by the City of Centennial (Living with Coyotes in Centennial) and the Colorado Division of Wildlife (Coyote Conflict Brochure) to help you understand why we are having a coyote problem and how to deal with coyote encounters.


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